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Updated: May 31, 2023

The Great Escape

It's that time of the year again, the days are getting longer, it's getting warmer (to some extent) and festival season is here once again.

One of the first festivals in the calendar is of course one of the most important in the UK festival calendar, Brighton's 'The Great Escape' showcasing over 500 acts from across the world across 35 venues - all within walkable distance. This festival is the best place to find any upcoming act due to be taking over anytime soon, so these are 8 acts we recommend you do not miss over the festival.



This West London prodigy is bringing a whole new flavour to the table, fusing UK Garage, hip-hop, and dance into one explosive concoction. Get ready to have your senses overloaded and your feet uncontrollably tapping to the infectious beats.

You already know we're all about KiLLOWEN as he headlined for our debut event, and let us tell you, it was a performance like no other! TikTok has been set ablaze by his trending tracks like 'Sober' and 'Bar Fights & Poetry.' Seriously, if you claim you haven't discovered the sonic genius of KiLLOWEN yet, we're gonna have to call your bluff! Don't miss out on seeing him live.



London-based DJ, Hip-Hop loving DJ Taylah Elaine is making waves with her smooth transitions and ability to mix through a wide array of genres and ages with her unique sense of style.

Despite only being on the scene for five years, Taylah has played breathtaking performances across a wide array of outstanding and memorial venues around the globe. She is without a doubt an exciting name that is sure to be taking over bigger festivals in the coming years. Playing one of the later sets of the festival at PATTERNS, Brighton why not finish of your day with a night to remember?



Only launching her career late at the end of 2022, this is Charlotte Plank's first year in the scene and what an entrance she has had.

Being hotly tipped as the next artist to take over the Gen-Z rave scene, with her unique approach to her music offering a centralised point between traditional DNB and the new era aka 'TikTok-made',' more pop induced version of the genre that’s dominating Gen Z playlists right now. With songwriting being key throughout her music, she is adding topics and narratives to the genre that are normally ignored such as men's mental health, Charlotte's music is a breath of fresh air.



A star in the making, set to follow in the footsteps of other female legends from the likes of Jorja Smith, Mahalia, and Pip Millet, ENNY is quickly becoming one of the UK's most favourite rising female names throughout the UK scene.

Since making a name for herself with her breakthrough single 'Peng Black Girls' following her array of freestyles, she has not stopped with an array of colourful releases ensuring her name is constantly in our mouths. With the sounds of the summer laced throughout, this is the perfect listening to get you in the mood for the start of the festival season.



Elevation Meditation's very own Louis Culture has been taking over the scene with the help of his brothers in arms. Blending together the sounds of hip-hop, garage, breakbeat, and house, he is without a doubt a pioneer of the newest wave within the UK hip-hop sound. If his recent live performances are anything to go by, then this show shall not be one to miss.

With all these talks on the UK scene, we can not have any conversations without the name of Louis Culture and his brothers in EM.



Self-proclaimed number one candidate for the next-up artist, AntsLive has been taking the UK rap scene by storm in 2023 with the release of 'Number One Candidate' and the EP 'Just A Matter Of Time.'

Ant isn't a new name in the scene, working on his craft for the last couple of years, Ants has slowly been building up a strong and loyal fanbase getting all the key tastemakers on his side. Not afraid to take risks with his sound, he's never scared to break the norm. If his latest headline show is to go by, this set is sure to be a live one.



Kickstarting her career in 2021 after being put on furlough, SOFY has grown from strength to strength - even ticking off some of her bucket list goals in such a short period - and is now one of the leading names in the future of indie pop.

Already performing in a maxed-out tent at Glastonbury and having a song featured on FIFA, its no wonder why are we telling you to see SOFY now before she's playing main stages at some of our favourite festivals. Adding that tongue'n'cheek style reminiscent of UK legend Lily Allen, SOFY's music is perfect for those easy-listening vibes.



With his thick cockney accent, elements of Ska and punk, modern grime, and folk singer vibes, Hak Baker's sound is unlike anything you'll ever hear.

Documentarian, singer, and songwriter Hak Baker is the voice of this new generation as he documents the struggles of the working classes throughout his music. Telling his personal and the people around him's stories and experiences of living in these estates, this is the perfect look into modern British life with his raw tales.


While these eight acts promise incredible performances, there are undoubtedly many other talented artists to discover at 'The Great Escape' festival. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene and witness the next generation of stars.



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