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Updated: May 31, 2023


Project 6 Festival is a brand new and innovative event that unites music lovers in London. The festival starts in Brockwell Park, South London, during the day, featuring six stages with a heavyweight lineup of artists from various genres.

As night falls, the festival continues across London's music venues in partnership with renowned labels and collectives. With a focus on community and supporting the city's club spaces, Project 6 Festival aims to create a memorable experience for music enthusiasts, celebrating the vibrant music scene of London.

Breathing a sigh of fresh air into the London festival scene, these are acts we recommend you go catch if you're heading down to Project 6.



If you're a fan of powerful and immersive live performances, then witnessing Ghetts at Project 6 Festival is an absolute must. Ghetts, with his unmatched stage presence and raw intensity, can captivate and move audiences like no other.

His high-energy shows are a perfect fusion of skilful lyricism, dynamic flow, and commanding stage command. From the moment he steps on stage, Ghetts establishes an electric atmosphere, drawing the crowd into his world of thought-provoking storytelling and captivating wordplay. With vibrant lighting, stunning visuals, and a live band or DJ, his performances create an immersive experience that amplifies the impact of his music. Ghetts' genuine connection with the audience, encouraging their participation and creating a sense of unity, makes his shows unforgettable.

Project 6 Festival is the ideal opportunity to witness the lyrical prowess and magnetic presence of Ghetts, leaving you with a powerful and lasting musical experience.


Frankie Stew And Harvey Gunn

Experiencing Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn live is an absolute must for any music enthusiast seeking a unique and captivating musical journey. Their seamless fusion of hip-hop, jazz, and soul creates an enchanting and immersive atmosphere that transcends genres.

Their live performances offer genuine and infectious energy that resonates with the audience from the first note. Frankie Stew's introspective and melodic flow, accompanied by Harvey Gunn's atmospheric and soulful production, takes on a new dimension on stage, creating a dynamic and captivating experience.

Witnessing their live instrumentation and the chemistry between them is a true testament to their artistry. Attending a Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn concert is an opportunity to be transported into their world of heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impact.



Jeshi, a rising star in the music scene, brings a unique blend of artistry and innovation to his live performances that leave audiences in awe. His shows are a testament to his creative vision, as he effortlessly blends genres, fusing elements of rap, alternative, and experimental sounds into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry.

Jeshi's stage presence is enigmatic and magnetic, drawing listeners in with his introspective lyrics and soulful delivery. With a captivating aura, he transports the crowd into his introspective world, where his poetic storytelling and emotive performances take centre stage.

Jeshi's ability to connect with the audience on a profound level, evoking raw emotions and challenging traditional musical boundaries, makes his live performances a truly transformative journey.


Pip Millett

Known for her soulful vocals and heartfelt lyric, she has crafted a unique sound that blends contemporary R&B, soul, and jazz elements. Pip's live performances are a true showcase of her exceptional talent and captivating stage presence.

With her emotive voice, she effortlessly brings her songs to life, connecting with the audience on a deep and emotional level. Her performances exude passion and authenticity, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. Pip's engaging stage persona and warm interactions create an intimate and immersive atmosphere, making every show feel like a personal experience.

Whether accompanied by a full band or performing with minimal instrumentation, her versatility shines through, creating dynamic and captivating performances. Providing an unforgettable experience filled with soulful vocals, heartfelt storytelling, and a genuine connection with her audience, don't miss this.



With her unique style and captivating performances, FLOHIO brings fresh and dynamic energy to the stage. Her music combines aggressive flows, thought-provoking lyrics, and experimental beats, creating a truly distinctive sound.

Known for her commanding stage presence and magnetic charisma, FLOHIO delivers high-energy performances filled with rapid-fire rhymes and infectious energy. Her raw intensity, powerful delivery, and fearless exploration of personal experiences and social issues make her live shows unforgettable.

Witness FLOHIO's boundary-pushing artistry and be a part of the excitement and empowerment she brings to the stage.



Hailing from Luton, UK, she has been making waves with her bold and futuristic beats, captivating lyrics, and boundary-pushing sound. Her creativity remained unyielding during the past year showcasing her kaleidoscopic approach to music.

BXKS weaves together various influences, from trap-tinged uptempo basslines to simmering jazzy notes, creating a sonic experience that is both unique and captivating. BXKS' unwavering and unrestricted expression shines through her music, and her charismatic and boundary-pushing sound sets her apart in the emerging underground scene.

With more music, shows, and collaborations on the horizon, experiencing BXKS live is an opportunity to witness the evolution of an artist who fearlessly explores new sonic territories, leaving audiences excited for what's to come.


Chanel Tres

Seeing Channel Tres live is a must for those seeking an unforgettable and unique musical experience. With his captivating energy, irresistible grooves, and distinct vocals, he commands the stage and draws the audience in from the start.

The combination of his deep baritone voice, seamless genre fusion, and intimate connection with the crowd creates an electrifying atmosphere. Channel Tres' live performances allow fans to fully immerse themselves in his infectious beats, feel the music pulsating through their bodies, and become part of a collective experience.

Witnessing his charismatic stage presence and witnessing the fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and house music firsthand leaves a lasting impression and reinforces his status as a captivating and innovative artist.


D Double E

I think it's safe to say that D Double E is the only person on this planet who can get a wheel-up from dropping just one adlib, the energy in the room when he drops it is going to be like nothing you've ever seen before.

His shows are known for their explosive nature, as he effortlessly delivers rapid-fire lyrics with impeccable precision and an infectious flow. D Double E's stage presence is larger than life, commanding the crowd's attention from the moment he steps on stage.

The production of his live shows is equally impressive, D Double E's ability to engage the audience and make them an integral part of the performance makes every show a memorable experience.

Ensure you witness the grime legend in action, guaranteeing a set filled with explosive energy, infectious vibes, and an unforgettable musical journey.



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