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This past week, Londoners flocked in their thousands to the iconic Alexandra Palace, to take in an evening of genre-crossing, energy-packed performance.

Masego has long been loved by UK crowds. After his last UK show sold-out the O2 Brixton, and he had to add a second London date due to popular demand, it was only right he returned, this time at Ally Pally.

The stage was set for this massive performance. Leading the evening was support act Tanerélle, kicking things off with smooth R&B vocals. She quickly won the crowd over with an impressive talent, and managed to increase excitement for the upcoming arrival of Masego. Tanerélle undoubtedly gained some new listeners from that night’s performance.

Before long, the hallowed grounds of Ally Pally were electrified by the introduction of Masego to the stage. His two bandmates took up their positions, as Masego followed, saxophone in hand. The set went straight into familiar favourite ‘Navajo’.

It was immediately clear that Masego was the master of his environment. The performance felt seamless, with the band members all operating with a synergy. Particularly impressive was Masego’s multi-instrumental approach. Whilst obviously using his voice throughout, he intermittently reached for the saxophone, or took position at a keyboard, to great effect. This culminated in him taking time between songs to make an entirely improvised track from scratch. An incredibly impressive thing to do on any stage, let alone in a packed-out Ally Pally.

Masego on the sax was a particular highlight. Alternating between two different saxophones on stage, Masego was throwing them around with the certainty of a seasoned performer. He produced beautiful contributions, playing solo’s that had the crowd transfixed. A true showing of musical talent. Masego’s band made vital contributions to the night, with a highlight being the drummer’s extended solo between songs, an excellent display of skill.

As the set progressed, Masego travelled through his expansive discography. Familiar favourites ‘Mystery Lady’, and ‘Old Age’, were performed to a jubilant response from the excitable crowd. Masego made sure to give everyone there his absolute best, with an extensive set-list of over 20 tracks. Another highly compelling element of the show was the visual accompaniments present alongside the music. Throughout the show the audience was taken into Masego’s world, which was created through both sounds and sights that had been fine-tuned with precision.

By the time the show had wrapped up, Masego had undoubtedly left his mark on Alexandra Palace. Crowds cheered him and his audience off the stage, and made their way home knowing they had just witnessed a remarkably talented performer. The night was Masego’s; a testament to a greatly revered musician, with the showmanship to back it up.



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