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Potter Album Art

British rapper Potter Payper has finally released his highly-anticipated debut album, 'Real Back In Style.’ The 15-track project marks a defining moment for every Potter Payper fan and is a true testament to his dedication to music over the last decade.

'Real Back In Style' is a frank and deeply honest record that sees the award-winning musician bare all. It is his boldest and most considered body of work to date, raising the bar for UK rap. Potter's story thus far is one of highs, many lows, and, in recent years, redemption. The album is centred on the finer details of Potter's trajectory in life and in music, an unflinching account of all that it's taken for him to reach this milestone - sacrifice, loss, and freedom. But above all else, it's a moment of celebration for what has been a momentous journey. In true Potter style, the project has no features present. Much like his earliest work, Potter is front and centre, leaving no doubt as to the true extent of his pen.

An assured and intentional leap forward from his previous projects, 'Real Back In Style' is a carefully rendered record, articulating Potter's intensely personal accounts of poverty, social exclusion, and lack of self-worth - all of which left him without hope for several years.

Potter's widely-lauded lyrical dexterity and stark accounts of street politics are showcased throughout the album. His rap is purposeful and delivered with a conviction that would stop anyone dead in their tracks. He is described as the street's storyteller, and the album is a testament to his unique musical talent.

This year marks ten years since the release of Potter's acclaimed first mixtape, 'Training Day.' It was the first instalment of what would arguably become one of the most iconic trilogies in UK rap history and home to some of his most recognized tracks to date.

Potter continued to rise to prominence off the back of his legendary freestyles, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to fine-tuning his craft. The third mixtape 'Training Day 3,' released in 2020, debuted at #3 in the UK Official Album Charts, making it clear that Potter was back and here to stay.

His follow-up mixtape, 'Thanks For Waiting,' paid recognition to all those who continued to support Potter during his hiatus. It earned him his second Top 10 project and saw him reach entirely new heights. Hit-track 'Gangsteritus' featured in the Netflix series Top Boy, landing Potter his first Top 20 single. He collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the '2Step' remix, featured on Snoop Dogg's 'Snoop Dogg Presents' LP, founded his own record label 36 The Label, and made his Glastonbury Festival debut - undoubtedly a monumental few years to remember and further statement of his unique musical talent.

Rap is not just the music Potter creates, it's at the core of his very being, and 'Real Back In Style' is further proof that this year belongs to him. Despite being away during the few defining years that UK Rap began pushing through to the mainstream, he has made his mark as one of the best lyricists in the country, armed with one of the most important voices of his generation. A talent impossible to ignore.



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