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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

mustbejohn's latest release ‘Losing Balance’, beautifully blends self-reflection and dance-infused instrumentals.

Originally from Hertfordshire, mustbejohn exploded onto the scene back in 2019 with his breakout hit ‘Jenny’s House’. Fans were instantly captivated by his genre-moulding approach to music, and the honesty delivered in his lyrics. On top of that, it became clear from his first song that he knew how to appeal to a mass audience. This has been backed-up by his ability to perform on stage, which has propelled the young artist well on his way to becoming a household name.

The 7-track EP ‘Losing Balance’ is mustbejohn’s newest offering. Throughout this project he gives us a coming-of-age narrative, filled with relatable lyricism and infectious electronic production. He dives right in on the first track ‘Lose Your Head’, wasting no time to get the listener thinking. Alcohol-soaked lyrics are combined with funky instrumentation to great effect; the EP is off to a very strong start.

Next, he gives us ‘Just A Glimpse’, which stands out as a highlight of the project. The saxophone is packed with feel-good energy. The drums provide groove, whilst mustbejohn shows off his vocal ability with catchy melodies. ‘Just A Glimpse’ has huge appeal through its earworm hooks and the wonderful production, courtesy of Sam Ellwood.

This song gives way to ‘Lonely’, which provides a more sombre mood. “I feel lonely when you leave me here” is a deeply engaging opening line. From there we have a build-up of drums, leading into a verse full of introspective statements. On this one we can really see the mustbejohn’s versatility.

‘Thinking About It’ contains one of my favourite hooks of the project. Take a listen for yourself to see just how relatable this song is. Vocal chops in the production, and garage-style drums help provide a contagious energy. Following that, we have ‘Buzz’. This track was released earlier in the year to a fantastic reception. Fans really connected with this one, with production courtesy of Cloubee creating a wonderfully nostalgic atmosphere. The feeling of chasing a ‘buzz’ is something many can relate to, with mustbejohn exploring this idea brilliantly.

The penultimate song on the project is ‘Waiting’. This is a DnB number with an emotional sensitivity, a crossover fans of mustbejohn will be familiar with. The artists’ inner conflicts are explored, with the production offering a twist in the project thus far. It transitions smoothly into ‘Happy Lonely’. In this song we reach the peak of emotional vulnerability and self-reflection. Lyrics are delivered in a spoken-word style, over melancholy guitar and piano. It cements the ability of mustbejohn to discuss deeply moving topics with an artistic maturity. It is a bold, yet brilliant way for the project to reach its conclusion.

‘Losing Balance’ some of mustbejohn’s most thoughtful and scintillating work to date. The production from Sam Ellwood throughout shows these two to have a fantastic creative chemistry. The juxtaposition of the emotions in this project, across both lyrics and instrumentals is highly effective. mustbejohn has delivered a body of work of the highest quality here, and one that is bound to resonate greatly with his listeners.



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