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Human Deciet
The freshest band to the East Midlands hardcore scene Human Deceit, made up of Matt on Vocals, Kuzz on Guitar, Paul on Bass and Fred on Drums dropped their first ever release, the single Sever and Survive, on the 6th of October followed by the release of their first EP of the same name a few days later on the 11th.

Opening the EP is the track Human Deceit. Like most bands who have one of their own songs named after them, it quite literally is to get their name out there and mark their stamp in music, and what you can expect from their sound. From Matt’s vocals and the line “so loud it wakes the living dead and brings them to their feet”, you’re in a chokehold. Oh, and not to mention the opening sample from Point Break; Keanu Reeves and Hardcore, what more could one ask for?

Other notable tracks include the title track Sever and Survive alongside Will McLaughlan of Leicester band Frantic State, and the closing track Hollow Rhetoric.

The 5 track EP was recorded over the summer and mirrors the “professional” hardcore release you would expect from a band who has been in the game for a while, however, this may be from the band’s personal experiences within hardcore, having attended a multitude of shows and practising their musical talents at home individually before forming the band.

Human Deceit formed late of 2022 but began gigging this year; with their first show in July at The Old Salutation Inn in Nottingham alongside The Tura, Despondent, Own Your Life, How Long Have You Been Driving and Sentience.

Human Deceit are one upcoming band to look out for, from now until the new year they are focusing on writing new songs and getting some merch designed and made, before their next show in January 2024 at the Old Salutation Inn alongside European bands such as Ghetto Justice of Berlin and Lost To Life of Dublin, as well as Full Contact from Leicester.

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