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Full Crate, a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, and producer, has recently released his debut album titled 'A Kid From Yerevan.' Known for his collaborations with artists like Gaidaa, Kyle Dion, Naomi Sharon, Jayd Ink, and T3 of Slum Village, as well as his remixes, including Beyonce's 'XO,' Full Crate has established himself as a prominent figure in underground music culture with roots in R&B, hip-hop, and beyond.

'A Kid From Yerevan' reflects on Full Crate's journey as an immigrant child and how it has shaped him into the person and artist he is today. With experiences from Armenia, Moscow, Amsterdam, and LA, Full Crate sings, writes, and produces on every track of the 12-track project with impressive collaborations from the likes of Lola Vialet & Uhmeer, Malia, Jordyn, Niyah Delenn, BJ The Chicago Kid, Qris Davis, Dende, and Siham. Full Crate shares his thoughts on the album, stating:

"Two years in the making, it's been a beautiful but also challenging process creating my debut album, 'A Kid From Yerevan.' I open up about my heritage and share my journey as an immigrant kid from Armenia moving around and not feeling at home anywhere. I share the struggles I conquer and the ones that break me down sometimes, and of course, my trials and tribulations in love.
I stepped into a new role with this debut album, the role of an artist I always wanted to be. People know me as a DJ/producer, but I have more storytelling to share and more to give, which I feel like I have finally done with this album. I sing the entire record, and that is something that was so important to me in order to translate all my feelings and experiences. Finding myself as a singer & songwriter is a journey I am still on, but one that showed me that if you truly take the time to work on yourself and build and your try new things and step out of your comfort zone... anything is possible."

'A Kid From Yerevan' blends Full Crate's influences across electronic R&B, soul, hip-hop, and more, resulting in a warm and romantic record that explores themes of self-love, imposter syndrome, and acceptance.

Transitioning between slow jams like 'Show Her The Way' featuring BJ The Chicago Kid and 'Beh Beh' featuring Malia, to vulnerable tracks such as 'Do They Know' that delve into Full Crate's personal insecurities. Full Crate's DJ background shines through in dancefloor-ready cuts like 'Money Issues' and 'Smell The Roses' featuring Jordyn. The touching closing track, 'City of Yerevan,' pays tribute to the Armenian capital that inspired the entire record.

To coincide with the release of 'A Kid From Yerevan,' Full Crate is embarking on his first-ever headline tour with a live band, performing in four cities: Hamburg, London, Gent, and Amsterdam.

With this debut record, Full Crate showcases his soul and proves that he is an artist constantly evolving and demonstrating his diverse range of talents.

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