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Finn Foxell
Shepherds Bush rapper-singer Finn Foxell continues to push the boundaries of his craft with the release of his latest single 'ALIVE', offering listeners an immersive experience into his philosophies and inner thoughts.

Produced by Dom Valentino, the track paints a vivid picture of Finn's journey, reflecting his genre-less approach to music, and showcasing his evolution as an artist.

Exemplifying Finn's ability to speak for his generation while navigating life's challenges as a mid-20-year-old. 'Alive' marks the start of a special run of music from Finn Foxell, laying the foundations for his musical legacy and opening up new layers of himself. With his genre-less approach and immersive storytelling, Finn continues to captivate audiences, setting the stage for his highly anticipated summer project.

Featuring fellow members of Elevation Meditation, a collective of like-minded artists, including P-Rallel, Lord Apex, Xav, and Louis Culture, featured throughout the visuals we are given a closer look into Finn's inner circle. Finn continues to push forward, drawing profound influences into his creativity. When talking about the single Finn said;

"if you’re reading this likely you’ve been rocking with me for a bit, and Its been 6 months since I dropped any music. I went ghost for a squeeze to give this new stuff the care deserved, I always feel rushed in releases and this new music feels so precious, so this time round an the team took a deep breath to get it perfect. Im so excited to keep sharing more tunes and this first one feels like a great way to begin."

"This song inbound is about the yearning/desperation to feel alive in a world where we consume so much that numbs us to that simple but vital feeling, being present and feeling truly alive. When it comes it doesn’t compare to anything else and I’ve found myself an others around me to chase it in any way possible (often destructively), it’s a childish but righteous desire. The flipside is a crippling game many of us find ourselves in, to plough on and act as if the soul doesn’t require nourishment like our body does food."

With his forthcoming project on the horizon, he is set to mark a significant milestone in his career, unravelling stories, feelings, and emotions never heard before.



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