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Kiimi (they/she), a London-based producer, Foundation FM host, multi-instrumentalist, and founder of Hunni Sound, haS released their new single 'Earth, marking their debut on Three Six Zero.

With 'Earth,' Kiimi takes us on a journey through the excitement of late-night city excursions and pre-club ambience, where even Uber rides can become stories in themselves. Kiimi masterfully blends UK funky influences with deep, chest-thumping bass and elastic rave synths, interwoven with real-life audio snippets from a cab ride through London's Rotherhithe Tunnel, capturing a moment in time. The resulting track is a captivating, dance-floor-ready gem that embodies the sound of London in every sense.

'Earth' is an excellent showcase of Kiimi's unique, unforgettable, and razor-sharp club style, setting the stage for a wave of new music in the future. Regarding the new release, Kiimi shared,

"I made 'Earth' after attending Unfold on Sunday with my best friend. We were in an Uber on the way there when we got stuck in traffic inside the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Suddenly, everyone started honking their car horns relentlessly, including our Uber driver, and it didn't stop until we got out of the tunnel 15 minutes later or so. I started filming because we were just rolling around laughing, wondering what the hell was going on. But apparently, it's something that happens when there's traffic in that particular tunnel to pass the time when everyone gets bored. It was just one of those surreal moments that you can't write. So I sampled the video and made it into a song."

With a diverse skill set and an expanding list of admirers, receiving acclaim from the likes of Jamie XX, TSHA, R1's Jaguar, and Jack Saunders, who called Kiimi "the future of electronic music." In 2023, Pete Tong named Kiimi one of Radio 1's Future Stars. Kiimi's passion for creating innovative sounds for the dancefloor is matched by their commitment to promoting future-focused thinking behind the scenes, as exemplified by their leadership of Hunni Sound, an initiative aimed at making music production more accessible to female, trans, and non-binary individuals.

Kiimi is set to electrify audiences at numerous events, including Junction 2, Creamfields, and Lost Village, promising an exceptional year ahead.



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