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Electronic duo Delac have unveiled their latest single, "Rufisque," combining introspective melodies, rolling basslines, and atmospheric synths with vocal samples taken from Rufisque in Senegal, providing a captivating and escapist composition designed for euphoric moments on the dancefloor.

Delac's songwriting process involves a fluid collaboration between James and Stephen, with James contributing songwriting, storytelling, and narrative sensibilities, while Stephen, with a background in computer science, brings musical vitality and technical expertise to their work. on the track, Delac explain:

“We’re obsessed with a heavy bass line combined with ambient analogue samples and Rufisque captures both. The vocal samples are from Rufisque in Senegal, and we love the contrast between those two different elements - the evocative vocal and the distinctly UK vibe of the dance beat. The track transports people to a place which is a far cry from London; whilst the bass pulls on that desire to let everything go on the dance floor. Wherever you find your own escapism, you're sure to find it in London’s club culture. For us, the tune represents the escapism that is so sought after on the dance floor, where we want our new tracks to be heard. Rufisque is an ode to that culture.”

Delac, comprising producers and songwriters James McAdam and Stephen Dooley, aims to create a refreshing blend of broken beat, progressive house, electro, UK garage, and leftfield pop, offering a counterbalance to the sometimes self-serious image associated with the electronic music scene. Their recent releases have showcased a dreamier and more transportive sound, with a focus on uplifting and positive vibes. Tracks like "Xenon" have set the tone for their forthcoming releases.

The duo's music reflects a genuine openness of emotion and a desire to inject positivity into their listeners' experiences. Whether crafting anthems for the exhilaration of summer festival stages or producing reflective downtempo vocal tracks for intimate headphone sessions, Delac prioritizes the emotional impact of their music and its ability to resonate with listeners. With their live shows taking inspiration from electronic acts like Bicep and Overmono, seamlessly blending live instrumentation and vocals with electronic production, aiming to create an immersive experience where they feel connected to the crowd.

"Rufisque" marks the beginning of a series of new releases and summer live performances for the duo in 2023.

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