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Static Dress
UK alternative sensation Static Dress is back with their first new music in two years, 'crying,' marking a bold evolution for the band, blending genres and showcasing their growth since their meteoric rise.

Few acts in the alternative scene have seen a rise as meteoric as Static Dress. With a sound that fuses mid-00s nostalgia with cutting-edge production and infectious songwriting, the UK quartet has firmly established itself as a global rock powerhouse. Named Kerrang’s Best New Band in 2021 and winning the Heavy Music Award for Best Breakthrough Live Artist in 2023, Static Dress's debut album "Rouge Carpet Disaster" was hailed as a modern classic, blending emo, screamo, metal, pop, and electronic elements into a genre-defying statement.

After signing with the legendary Roadrunner Records, Static Dress released a Redux version of their debut album, featuring contributions from Loathe, Creeper, and World Of Pleasure. The band's sold-out UK tour and arena run supporting Bring Me The Horizon, along with a headline show at California's Chain Reaction and a standout performance at Sick New World festival, solidified their status as a live force.

Returning with 'crying', their first truly new music in two years, they make a bold step forward, showcasing the band's growth and blending soaring modern rock, dancefloor-ready indie, devastating metal, and textured electronics. 'crying' is the band's most impactful track yet, with pop-leaning touches taking centre stage.

Static Dress’s highly revered visual world expands with the release of 'crying'. The self-directed video breaks out of the insular confines of their "Rouge Carpet Disaster" universe to present a nightmare set within contemporary society's psyche. The video explores modern existence's innate evils hidden in plain sight, creating a surreal, cinematic experience. Vocalist Olli Appleyard explains:

"The video for ‘crying’ explores several themes of the song’s lyrical character, revolving around taboo topics presented as a battle between the sacred and the profane. Rather than focusing solely on striking presentation and the visual stimulation of colour and design, we ask the viewer to travel through multiple scenes, all with their own subject matter; guilt and battling with self-loathing, mass corporate manipulation, capitalist horde mentality and weaponised lust."

"We hope to provoke further questions and conversation with this piece, aiming to push the boundaries of our own storytelling and visual presentation in a way that exhibits the growth we’ve experienced in recent years."

After two years of relentless touring and rising to the summit of global contemporary alternative music, Static Dress has returned with a glimpse into a bold, uncompromising future with 'crying'. Already regarded as one of the most relentlessly creative bands in their field, Static Dress continues to challenge their own formula, promising that wherever they venture next, it will provoke conversation and be impossible to predict.



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