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Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The mesmerising Melbourne-based Sir Jude has made her mark on the Australian scene with her debut album “Revelations” which takes a theatrical approach to modern-day pop.

With a strong and diverse range, Sir Jude has been able to intricately connect the dots between all the genres she floats between within her first full-length project. Created during an important period in her life, this body of work takes us on a journey of unravelling internalised misogyny and self-discovery, every song touches on the same question, what does it mean to be a woman today?

With her clear love of the cinematic soundscapes being heard throughout the project, Sir often refers to her music as “very James Bond” fitting into those big theatrical soundtracks that accompany the movies.

Opening up her 9-track project with the slow-building track “Revelations” that builds throughout the verses, we progress through all before seeing it reach its tipping point and explode into a deep sea of dramatised electronica. Setting the tone of the project with the grand opening track you can’t help but be hooked and want to dive in more.

Continuing on with the manic, “Freakshow” is an exploration of feminity and the desire for lust. Created during the period of lockdowns when we found ourselves staring at the same four walls, Sir was able to really focus and take a deep dive with no interruptions, creating the track with obscure 70s soundscape and lyrical prowess of songwriters Alex Turner and St.Vincent.

Progressing into ‘Secret Safe’ we see a vast change in the sounds heard throughout the album so far as Sir Jude takes a step back as she leads the project down a more mellow direction. Of course, she still owns the message of empowerment, making snide remarks about toxic masculinity within its lyrics.

Finishing the project with the breathtaking ‘Twenty Four Seven’ that progresses into ‘Fine’, we hear her final cry of the album, coming as a desperate call out to find the ability to love oneself in the midst of day-to-day life and the social pressures we face within our everyday lives. Her story is ever-evolving, this is just the start of her never-ending story.

“I want this album to be the soundtrack to anyone who is at a standstill in their life and is desperate to challenge or break the emotional barriers that tradition and society corners them into”

Sir Jude is someone we have got our eyes locked on, with a show upcoming next month in London we plan to be there to hear this project live.



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