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As we step into 2024, the spotlight turns towards a diverse array of emerging talents that are poised to reshape the landscape in 2024.

As we delve into the realms of creativity, talent, and innovation, these artists are the Ones to Watch, and 2024 promises to be a year where their stars shine the brightest.



We can hardly contain our excitement over BXKS’ potential. Her rapping ability, her unique perspectives, her style, everything is pointing towards an artist who is just beginning their ascent. This year, she has delivered to the highest degree on features. The likes of p-rallel, Kwollem, ayrtn and kwes e have all been blessed with cold verses. Alongside this, solo singles ‘Cheque’ and ‘Back It Up’ have also inspired excitement, particularly the latter. ‘Back It Up’ is brilliant, in a way that sounds very little like anything we’ve heard before. It is this that gets BXKS her place on the list. The creativity exhibited, alongside all else we’ve mentioned, indicates BXKS will have an excellent 2024.


Downtown Kayoto

Downtown Kayoto’s music exists somewhere in the realm of electronic/indie/rap. Giving it one title would be a disservice, and perhaps giving it these three still is. His experimental production and varied delivery are greatly captivating. Perhaps equally so, is his flair for the visual side of his work. Downtown Kayoto has had some of the best visual work anywhere in 2023, with him taking on the bulk of the responsibility for its creation. This combination of wonderful sounds, and visuals, suggests his 2024 is due to be thrilling.


Chy Cartier

Chy Cartier recently released her new single, ‘BOSSED UP’, and immediately a swell of support for it developed, from fans and peers alike. Chy Cartier has proven in this track a clear ability, with cold flows and excellent lyricism in abundance. The amount of greatly respected artists showing their respect for her for this drop is staggering, as well as totally justified. Despite it only coming out at the end of November, Complex UK had ‘BOSSED UP’ high on their best songs of the year list, an impressive accomplishment. There has been high praise all-round for an artist at the very beginning of her journey, leading us to believe she is in for a massive 2024.

Kid Apollo

Kid Apollo

Kid Apollo has treated fans to a steady stream of releases over the last year, with support building each time. His sound is best defined by its emotive nature. All of Kid Apollo’s work feels deeply personal, with every release offering a real glimpse into his world. This ability, to completely captivate through emotion, is something not every artist can manage. It’s this talent of Kid Apollo that earns his spot on this list, as we suspect more and more listeners will embrace him in 2024.


Humble The Great

First things first, ‘Humble The Great’ would take top spot in a list of our favourite names for an artist right now. However, what gets him on this list, is the two songs he released this year, and their delightful spirit and listenability. Humble has a wonderful voice, which he combines with great production choices, that he frequently can also take full credit for. Despite his small catalogue, listeners have flocked to him, and we suspect this will only increase in 2024.



YT has had a fantastic year, which started with the 11-track project ‘Real Life’ at the beginning of the year. Following that, he kept listeners well-fed with Soundcloud drops, culminating in the ‘#SWAGRENAISSANCE’ project. But he still wasn’t done, with yet another project dropping everywhere, called ‘#STILLSWAGGIN’. Now, that’s a pretty big year, and whilst he had a lot of people paying attention, we believe it is still all a springboard for 2024. It felt like YT found a creative flow state as the year progressed, with the latest project standing out to us as the best. Because of how unique and creative YT’s sound is, combined with his prolific work rate, we believe he’s due to have a huge 2024.

Reuben Azis

Reuben Aziz

Reuben Aziz only started releasing in 2023, but he immediately connected with fans, building up a following across social media. An artist still finding his musical feet, there is variation across his small discography. What is clear, is a massive amount of talent, in song-writing, vocal ability, and connecting with an audience. Reuben Aziz is likely to have a brilliant 2024 because of these things, with the young artist at the beginning of what will likely be a very successful journey in music.

Amie Blu

Amie Blu

Amie Blu is 2 EPs into her burgeoning discography, and both are exquisite. The most recent, ‘crumbs in my bed’, even more so, indicative of an artist honing their craft to great effect. Her voice is soothing and filled with emotion, usually given over gentle production. Amie’s lyrics are relatable and express her character in a way endearing to the listener. Just having embarked on a relationship with the excellent record label 0207 Def Jam will certainly be helpful, and we foresee 2024 will be a wonderful year for Amie Blu.




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