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Updated: May 24

With their biggest London-show to date, KAWALA showcased exactly why they are quite so loved by their fans. With a bright visual display, songs full of uplifting energy and some more reflective moments, it was a night to remember at Outernet.  

KAWALA at Outernet

Support acts BaggE and SOFY began the night by getting the forming crowds excited with their signature styles and sounds. It was certainly a treat to have three accomplished acts on the ticket. Before long, the Outernet’s impressive visual background was illuminated with the KAWALA logo, bouncing around the walls of the screen like an old DVD logo. Once it had hit the corner perfectly, to the elation of the crowd, it was time for them to begin.


Kicking things off with a vibrant energy, the KAWALA boys delved straight into one of the many pearls from their discography. With the dual front-man set up, the guitarist and bassist on left and right respectively and the drummer occupying the back portion of the stage, there was a wonderful symmetry, with the synergy of the performers aiding this immensely. Combining this with the visual display, it resulted in a very aesthetically pleasing show.


KAWALA at Outernet

Visuals aside, the quality of music was very high, with a blend of their older hits and new records merging excellently in the set-list. The stage presence of the lead singer was fantastic, matching the energy of his band’s exuberant offerings. Stand-out tracks included; ‘Jesse C’mon’, ‘American Adrenaline’, ‘Ticket To Ride’, and from the slower, more sombre sections of the show, ‘Moonlight’ and the acoustic, ‘Mighty River’.


Also worth mentioning were the quality of their newer offerings, ‘American Adrenaline’ being one. Whilst only being released at the beginning of the year, it had an anthemic quality, suggesting it to be a song that will only grow over time. ‘What’s Up’ and ‘Time Slipping Away’, their other new releases, also sounded great and were met with positive response from the audience.

With superb new music being released, and hugely successful sold-out performances, KAWALA seem to be in a fantastic position heading into summer. A band whose sound gives them a natural affinity with the summer months, my impression from an albeit rainy evening in London seeing them perform, is that their future is looking very bright indeed.



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