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Returning from a short break after releasing his second mixtape in September 2023, Northampton rapper, Nevmore, returns with his brand new single ‘Fassion Weak’.

Paying homage to street artist, Navinder Nangla’s signature pieces. Nevmore expresses his feelings towards the world of fashion, compares himself to famous footballers and how he likes to dress during his day-to-day life.

The track sees production from regular collaborator, Thugs Bunny, who produced on both of Nevmore’s mixtapes ‘Wellingborough Road’ and ‘Make Your Mind Up Son’. The track features drums added by another regular collaborator and good friend of Nev’s, Leo, who has been a big inspiration and driving force for Nevmore’s work.

In addition to the track, the music is directed and creatively directed with by Azim “Renecide” Miah. Renecide has previously directed a music video for Nevmore which was for the track ‘Lena The Plug’ from Nevmore’s 2023 mixtape, Make Your Mind Up Son. Renecide has also directed music videos for other Northampton artists such as Billy Lockett, Weirdoe and most recently, REMIEWORLD.

“I really enjoyed what Renecide and Dotmedia done for the music video for Lena, it was a no brainer to have them direct the music video as well to have something showcase mine and Azim’s creative side”

We were lucky enough to interview the pair exclusively to learn more about their thoughts on the single! Here’s how it went:

What made you take a break from music and was it a useful time a way?

Nev: I needed a chill time, I was jobless by the time the mixtape was being finished. I did nothing but go to the gym and write lyrics bur then got a new job the day after I went to AEW, an event for wrestling, so that was a result! Once the mixtape was finished I was very happy to just say to myself “I can finally rest, and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe.” and that’s why the break happened, to settle into a new job, get my money up and have some time to myself.

You’re still fresh to the music video world, why did you choose to work with Renecide to begin with? And what kept you working with him?

Nev: Azim, I saw worked on a few music videos beforehand with other artists in NN (shoutout REMIEWORLD) and his cinematography really stood out to me. And I thought I want a piece of that action, so he did a run and gun video for Lena The Plug, from the mixtape. I see Renecide as the NN Christopher Nolan, with a sprinkle of cinematographer Greig Fraser, who did The Batman, Dune and the first episode of Mandalorian. So, I can really see him going far in the music video world and even going into film or TV.

What's it like working with Nevmore?

Renecide: One of the best and easiest people I've worked with. All I ask from an artist is trust, kindness and respect from artist to artist. How you're trusted as a musician is how I want to be trusted as a director. Due to Nev's trust in me, it's what makes me have all the time in the world for him because that genuine love is there. On set it's a nice blend of humour, professionalism and getting shit done! Just how I like it on any Renecide set!

What was your inspiration for Fashion Week?

Nev: Fassion Weak is something that was created by a local artist called Navinder Nangla. I would chat to Nav on and off and he would always up his game by going to fashion weeks and laying his art all around the world, in places like New York and Seoul. I wanted to pay tribute to him in a song and music video too.

Tell us more about the direction of the video, how did you bring Nevmore's ideas to life?

Renecide: I asked Nev the purpose behind the song, visual references and ideas in regard to what scenes he would want. I took note of everything he'd mentioned, do my own bit of research and hybridise it all into a treatment. Furthermore, l prefer to have my music videos be multi-faceted so there's new details to pick up on every watch.

Therefore, I made sure that every location and different sections of the music video connect together. For instance, there's distorted radio noises, so l've included an old radio in the video. The concept revolves around fashion week, therefore I explored the duality of being a consumer versus a producer and the beat switch segmented the two nicely. It's one thing having concepts but it's another tying them together to provide cohesion within the video. It can be enjoyed from a general or analytical perspective, enjoyable as an audience member or as a critique on visuals.

Can you tell us if you have plans for the rest of the year?

Nev: I have a couple EPs in the works for this year, no mixtapes, you’ll hopefully get some collaborations with other artists and I’ll be working with a producer from the Griselda camp also.



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