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London-based singer-songwriter Sipprell has finally unveiled her highly-anticipated debut album, 'Peace in the Madness,' which includes a remarkable collaboration with acclaimed artist Nao titled 'Ritual.' Known for her deeply personal songwriting style and flawless vocal delivery, Sipprell masterfully infuses soul and R&B elements into her heartfelt compositions.

Having made waves with her debut EP 'The Letter D' and subsequent projects like 'I Could Be Loved' and 'Bad History,' her debut album is a culmination of years of artistic growth. Written during her journey into motherhood, 'Peace in the Madness' intertwines narratives of love, loss, and relationships while offering a glimmer of hope in challenging times. Sipprell shares her inspiration behind the project, stating:

"I wrote and recorded the majority of 'Peace in the Madness' during my pregnancy with my daughter. The impending deadline of 9 months motivated me, allowing me to disconnect from external distractions and the pressures of social media. With a newfound sense of purpose, I felt a stronger emotional connection and found inner peace. This album encapsulates the range of emotions and experiences that we, as humans, share—love, grief, hope, and struggles with our mental health. In the midst of life's chaos, we all seek our forms of escapism and yearn for inner peace. That's what this album became for me."

'Peace in the Madness' is an exquisite body of work that reflects Sipprell's unwavering determination as an artist. Each track resonates with purpose and authenticity, featuring previously released singles such as the poignant tribute to her late brother, 'Wish You Were Here,' and the tender message to her unborn child, 'Already Yours.' The album also includes standout tracks like 'Unravel' and 'Stay Out Of It' featuring J Warner. Collaborating with producers Jake Edwards-Wood, Solomon Fox, Conor Albert, and David Thornton, Sipprell delivers a sonically rich and emotionally captivating experience. In addition to the album's title track, which was released last month alongside a visually stunning music video, the album features a brand new single titled 'Ritual,' showcasing the exceptional talent of London's own Nao. Sipprell explains the origin and significance of the collaboration:

"'Ritual' explores a love that defies societal pressures and traditions, celebrating the freedom of loving someone unconditionally. We initially wrote it during a session for Nao's album 'And Then Life Was Beautiful,' but it resonated more with my own project. Nao is one of my favourite voices and artists, and I am honoured to have her contribute to this album."

As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Sipprell has established herself as a respected figure in the UK's thriving R&B scene. Her undeniable talent shines through on 'Peace in the Madness,' serving as an inspiring reminder to find serenity amidst life's chaos.



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