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London's music scene is graced with the electrifying debut live EP from acclaimed singer-songwriter Louis Dunford, titled 'Live From Hammersmith.'

This exceptional release, recorded during Louis' unforgettable sold-out performance at Eventim Apollo in October 2023, offers listeners a front-row seat to the magic of his live shows.

'Live From Hammersmith' is not your typical EP; it's an emotional journey through the soul-stirring world of Louis Dunford. The tracklist features spine-tingling renditions of fan-favourite tracks, including 'Lucy,' 'When We Were Hooligans,' and the beloved 'The Angel (North London Forever).' From anthemic ballads to intimate tearjerkers, each track captures the raw energy and passion of Louis' live performances.

The EP kicks off with the powerful "Regretamine," instantly immersing listeners in the raw and live energy of Louis Dunford's performance. The passionate connection between Louis and his dedicated fans is palpable from the beginning as the crowd's enthusiastic participation, heard throughout every track, brings the live essence to the forefront.

As the tracklist progresses, the EP delves into emotionally sonic releases from Louis' discography, including "London Requiem" and "My Generation." However, it's the truly personal and emotional "Ballad of Benjamin" that stands out. Louis pours raw emotions into this track, and the added crowd participation creates a poignant and unforgettable moment, showcasing the profound impact of his music. If you're left without a tear in the eye after listening to this, you're a strong human.

Transitioning to fan favourites "Lucy" and "When We Were Hooligans," the EP maintains its upbeat tempo, allowing listeners to feel the electric atmosphere with fans passionately belting out the lyrics. These tracks, known for their energetic vibe, exemplify why they are cherished by Louis' dedicated fanbase.

The EP appropriately concludes with the track that propelled Louis Dunford to new heights, "The Angel (North London Forever)." This track, associated with Arsenal Football Club, has become a significant moment for Louis as he expresses gratitude at the start of the song. With the fans overpowering Louis as they passionately shout the lyrics back, this created a special and unforgettable conclusion to the EP.

Louis Dunford's 'Live From Hammersmith' isn't just a live recording; it's a sonic triumph that encapsulates the essence of a Louis Dunford show.

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