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B-Ahwe @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds - 25.10.23

The set included many of her new songs from the 26% MIXTAPE, as well as a few older favourites. B-ahwe quickly captivated the room with the emotion in her vocals, and her interactions with the audience.

The set list took the crowd through energetic highs in ‘Still Growing’, and time for reflection in songs like ‘In The Morning’. B-ahwe’s performance was especially impressive considering she was coming to the end of two back-to-back tours. She proved herself a true performer, with the relatability of her lyrics matching the quality of her delivery. As we learned in the interview, her band was made up of long-term friends and collaborators. This made complete sense during the show, with everyone involved combining to great effect.

It was delightful to see B-ahwe shining on stage at a venue that was just a stone's-throw from where her musical journey found its inception. Having honed her craft, and developed into someone with a fantastic artistic output, she returned to Leeds and delivered a stellar performance for some of her core fanbase. B-ahwe is one to watch over the coming years, as despite her huge success, I feel she has still barely scratched the surface.


Lizzie Lenthall

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