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Eliza Rose
Eliza Rose Drops "Take You There" with Psychedelic Video and Omar S Rework

Double Brit Awards nominee Eliza Rose returns with her latest single, "Take You There," accompanied by a visually mesmerizing video that places Eliza in the heart of her psychedelic universe once again. This single, which features a special rework by Detroit's finest, Omar S, follows her highly anticipated B.O.T.A. follow-up, "Better Love," and her recent summer hit, "Pleasure Peak," with the Martinez Brothers. Continuing to demonstrate the breadth of her artistry, effortlessly shifting between an addictive dancefloor banger and an emotional ballad, the tracks built with a raw underground sonic appeal.

Eliza Rose places authentic collaboration at the core of her music, and "Take You There," produced by Amsterdam's Stef de Haan, came together serendipitously. Discovering the mix for the track while in a coffee shop, and although Shazam couldn't identify it, she managed to find the producer, Stef, on Instagram and reached out to express her desire to work together. As fate would have it, Stef had heard Eliza's B.O.T.A. the week before. From here, the relationship blossomed into what we hear. Sharing her thoughts on the track:

"Better Love was a very slick video which I loved and suited the track perfectly, but with Take You There, I wanted to go back to a more underground DIY feel that BOTA had. Take You There and Better Love always come together as a pair, a bit like two sides of a coin showing how in underground dance music you can have both these slick, summery cute moments, as well as these more mad, chaotic ones. It's important to me as an artist to touch both sides."

Releasing with a visually stunning and intentional music video, directed by long-term collaborator Jeanie Crystal, Eliza takes viewers on a cosmic journey as she rides a cosmic portal, picking up a cast of otherworldly characters along the way and dropping them off at their cosmic destinations. In a surreal dreamscape, Eliza takes on various roles, including Elijah the Rude Boy, Spangeld Sistren, Doo Wop Baddie, and Heighway Heist Queen, symbolizing the duality within us all. The video features elaborate styling and makeup, nodding to rave culture throughout the ages, and includes clay animation from Nofac3.

Currently, on tour in the USA, Eliza has taken her compelling live show on the road. She debuted this live show earlier this year at Color Factory in London, captivating fans and media with a combination of dancefloor antics, drag queens, vogue dancers, visuals, and more.

Eliza's extensive tour schedule for 2022 has included her debut UK and EU tour, with stops in London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, Glasgow, and Brighton, as well as an 8-date debut tour in Australia, with shows in Wayville, Maitland, Canberra, Sydney, Bendigo, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, and Bunbury.

Eliza is riding the wave to success, if you don't know, get to know.



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