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Antslive continues his excellent run of 2022 releases with his icy new single ‘Don Corleone’.

Antslive initially caught attention for his debut 2020 single, ‘Brown Liquor’. With this, he achieved levels of success very few artists manage with their first release. Since then, multiple excellent tracks have followed, with 2022 seeing Antslive dropping more than ever. In the same month as his last release ‘Skeet’, Antslive surprised fans with the release of ‘Don Corleone’.

‘Don Corleone’ arrives as a punchy, freestyle-esque banger. The song manages to retain a very high quality despite the speed in which it was recorded. With Antslive saying “I made the track in a couple hours”. Continuing the speedy approach, when noticing snow begin to fall, the London-based artist felt an inspiration. Antslive is clearly a musician with an appreciation for the visual side of his art. He recognised that a music video for this track that was filmed in the snow was bound to be visually compelling. So with that, he rounded up friends, who are clearly supportive of his work to step out into the snow, and filmed the ‘Don Corleone’ visuals. The results, courtesy of director Ashwin Noel, were brilliant. At the time of writing this track is only available on YouTube, channelling all fans over to the video in order to listen. This has contributed to the video racking up five-thousand views in just over a week, with its arrival on all streaming platforms now imminent.

The track begins with the lines, “You can check my portfolio, wake up the studio, this ain’t my first rodeo”. Immediately a confident energy is felt, through the lyrics and delivery. It becomes quickly apparent this is an artist

operating on a very high level.

Antslive is currently possessing the confidence of an in-form striker, he simply cannot stop scoring. The track continues with punchline after punchline, complemented excellently by production courtesy of @kennydeeh. A light, floating melody begins the track, which is soon joined by dancing hi-hats and snares. As Ants delivers the line “Don Corleone, I’m the B, O, double S”, a booming 808 arrives, taking the track's energy through the roof. Dazzling melodics and hard-hitting words carry on through the track. Around the 1:26 mark, the instrumental is briefly cut, then brought back in with chopped drums and reversed melodies. The North London rapper floats back in with

hefty lyricism, providing a standout moment in the song.

Antslive work rate as of late has been second-to-none, with this track embodying that. Speaking on the track, Ants explained ‘Anyone who looks to seize an opportunity, my go-getters, this one’s for you’. The young artist is steadily building his following, as well as support from others in the industry. Co-signs from i-D, DJ Semtex and Tiffany Calver are testaments to Ants potential. Excitingly, he recently announced his first mixtape, which will be dropping on January 12th. Antslive is proving himself one of the most compelling young talents around right now,

with 2023 guaranteed to be a big year for him.



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