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Miller Blue has built up a loving following over the last few years. A steady stream of EPs and singles since 2018 has given the London-based artist a dedicated group of fans.

Their wait for new music ends on the 3rd of February, with Miller’s new single ‘Headlights’.

‘Headlights’ arrives as a smooth, downtempo, RnB groove. The track is bursting with emotive lyricism. Miller takes a deep dive into the topic of love, specifically newly-found infatuation. The artist describes the song as being about “Capturing the excitement and intensity of those early moments when you meet someone and feel an instant connection”. The track begins with mellow, muffled guitar creating an opening sequence. As we exit the intro, this gives way to an outpouring of layered synths and delightful textures. Vocal chops and drum sounds enter the sphere along with Miller’s velvety vocal performance. It is here that the track's story begins to unfold.

Verse one sets the scene, with metaphors serving as context for the protagonist in this love story. The chorus then takes centre stage, with Miller’s vocal ability shining through his similes for, in his words, “Being starstruck and in awe of someone”. “You’ve got me like a deer in the headlights” swirls around the mind of the listener, serving as a compelling and catchy hook. Departing from the first chorus, Miller continues vocalising his emotions over a stripped-back section of the instrumental. As the story progresses, there is less and less musical accompaniment. When it is brought back in alongside a powerfully performed hook, the result is immense. A switch to the drums and chopping of the melodies provides a unique and soothing outro.

Miller Blue took an interesting route for the visuals of this track. Instead of the frequently deployed music video, Miller chose to explore AI. An AI-created lyric video is not something you often come across, but it serves as an excellent visual accompaniment to the track. Credit for the visuals goes to Manchester-based jazz/hip-hop band OMA. There is clear inspiration taken from Animé in the animation style. The red skies and blue oceans add a delightful optic aid to the lusciousness of the music. The creativity of all involved here is clear to see, with this video proving a successful and interesting route to take in presenting music in a visual medium.

With this return to releasing music, Miller Blue has continued to prove he is worthy of his listeners' admiration. It is unsurprising that Miller has been turning heads across a number of significant publications, such as Notion, Clash, Complex UK and COLORS. ‘Headlights’ is highly compelling, with its content, as well as vocal performance, inducing profound emotion in the listener. The visual accompaniment provides a valuable addition to the music, with it highlighting Miller’s creativity. The project following this single ought to be met with great anticipation, as Miller has shown himself to be operating on a very impressive level with ‘Headlights’.



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