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Updated: May 30, 2023


KayOrAlpha, a 21-year-old rapper and creative force, is an artist whose artistry transcends conventional boundaries. Through his music, he weaves a compelling narrative that delves into the depths of his personal journey and the stories of those around him.

KayOrAlpha's lyrical prowess and musical prowess combine to create a powerful and introspective body of work that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Drawing from his own life experiences and the struggles he has faced, KayOrAlpha paints a vivid picture of the realities of inner-city life. His music serves as a vehicle for storytelling, allowing him to shed light on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of his community. Through emotive melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and a distinct blend of musical influences, he captures the essence of a new generation navigating the challenges of their environment while striving for personal growth and success.

KayOrAlpha's artistry is characterized by a raw authenticity that pierces through the facade of superficiality often found in the music industry. His commitment to staying true to himself and his story is evident in every aspect of his music. With each track, he invites listeners into his world, fostering a deep connection and understanding. As an emerging artist, KayOrAlpha is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, using his artistry to uplift and inspire while leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of his audience.

We caught up with KayOrAlpha to discuss his story, his music, and his plans on pushing his music to help others who may have found themselves on the wrong path in life.

Can tell us about the inspiration behind your latest track, 'midnight calls,' and what are we trying to convey with it?

Well, I feel like during my music career I've gone through many trials and tribulations. So I feel like my main inspiration behind my song would be I was trying to create a parallel if that makes sense. You'll notice that in most of my songs, I try to display a message through powerful wordplay and through obvious metaphors and punchlines. I feel like my song 'Midnight Calls' really and truly, came about when I was in a bit of a rough time. This is before obviously I started dropping all my latest songs.
I feel like I went through this whole six-month transformation and I kind of just had a message to say to people, if you break down a lot of the song in itself, you'll see it. It's me portraying a message that I'm trying to tell people as well as directing things at people if that makes sense

Your music's evolved in the last six months. Do you reckon that is, from what you've influenced what you've been through in the last six months, do you think it has affected the music?

Yeah, so basically before I came back in and started really diving deep, obviously I had a couple of trials and tribulations last year and the year before as well. So that's one thing. But I feel like I had to go on a little, I say little, this is half a year init, but I had to go on a little hiatus just to find myself, find the direction I want to go into and I just had a few questions for myself if that makes sense. So I feel like once I managed to answer everything, I came back stronger. Now I'm here ready to take over.

Talking about the creative process behind it all, when it comes to your writing, music and everything that runs alongside it. Do you feel like you've got a lot of feelings you want to portray or is it just what comes naturally?

Most of my writing process comes from obviously life experiences, and things I've been through, but a lot of it comes from things I'm going through currently if that makes sense so like my newer type of music kind of revolves around my quote-on-quote pain. I try to create music based on what I'm feeling at the time, but at the same time, I've also gone through a lot and it can be a lot for people to take in. I don't want to bombard people with everything just all at once if that makes sense. I think if anything that's where my lyrical ability and my flow schemes, come into play, cause it doesn't dilute the things I've been through or the words I'm saying. It kind of paints a picture in a different way.

You're telling the nitty-gritty stories of the city throughout your music, How important is it for you to use your platform to raise awareness and tell people how real it is?

It's real ain't it? The environment that I come from is not ideal. If I'm speaking about my situation specifically, my situation is less than ideal, but that's obviously what I've been through n that. It's not easy for any of us. At the end of the day, all of us are going through our own trials and tribulations. All of us have got our pains and situations that we have to deal with. I feel like London, especially for people my age right now is chaos, It's chaos. So obviously if I can try and I feel like with my music, I try and be like, I don't want to say a beacon of hope or something but I want to kind of show people that no matter what you've been through, whatever hardships, trials and tribulations, you can overcome it.

Do you plan to continue to push and change that narrative throughout your music?

What do you mean, without a doubt! I plan for the world to know, I plan for me to be on top. I plan to bring my people to a situation where we can kind of change the narrative for everyone if that makes sense. I plan on staying, I plan on being here and I plan on having longevity. If I'm being honest with you.



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