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Chained Up

Among the already-established musical talent deriving from Sheffield, the city is also home to a new wave of fresh and ever-evolving talent in the form of hardcore. Sheffield’s newest band to the genre is Chained Up, read more on their story below.

Consisting of a group of four lads; Izaac on vocals, Billy on guitar, Jamie on bass and George on drums, the quartet were originally a trio. Without a vocalist, Billy, Jamie & George would practice freestyle, in the hope of some inspiration coming to mind to write songs from scratch. That is until Izaac came along.

One night in the smoking area (where all dreams are made), Izaac was showing the lads some lyrics on his phone he had written and had been finalising for a few weeks, penning things he had gone through in his own personal life and turning it into a creative reflection. This was exactly the vibe and narrative the guys were looking for, and within a few weeks Chained Up was formed.

The band’s name Chained Up came from a conversation about the interpretation of the band’s lyrics – feelings of manipulation and being used, and how being caught up in a toxic environment all boils down to a metaphorical ball and chain. Many synonyms were thought of at first until Chained Up was decided on eventually as they wanted something that would translate, and after re-reading the lyrics, in particular, to a song called Mindgame, two and two were put together.

Each member of the band is incredibly passionate about hardcore and the scene developed around the punk sub-genre, particularly UK hardcore – which has finally begun to rebuild within Sheffield in recent years. This is thanks to promoters such as Busy Bodies, who are rebirthing the scene within Sheffield since it disappointingly died down a few years ago, even after many a successful show at venues such as Broomhall Centre for example, where Outbreak first started. Because of the brand and the shows they put on, more hardcore bands are forming, and joining the hardcore revival. Chained Up want to be part of this movement, with the aim to continue to cultivate UK hardcore within the steel city of Sheffield and beyond. Taking inspiration from bands like Malevolence and Rough Justice, then other bands such as Intent 2 Kill, Divine Hatred and Torn Between, the UK hardcore scene in Sheffield is growing again and by starting a new band, Chained Up are assisting to keep the scene alive.

Up next for the Sheffield four-piece are two upcoming gigs on the 22nd of July and 18th of August, which are both in Sheffield, but these are yet to be announced publicly. A demo is being recorded currently, and this should be out at the start of July, just before their first live show.

Follow Chained Up on socials @chaineduphc to stay up to date with any upcoming news on releases, shows and more.



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