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The 8-track compilation showcases a spectrum of musical genres, supporting emerging talent in Alt-R&B, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Rap, Trip-Hop, and UKG.

Today, Brownswood Recordings introduces the 7th edition of the Future Bubblers Compilation, an ongoing initiative supported by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation as Talent Development Partners. This unique talent discovery and artist development scheme, curated by Gilles Peterson, focuses on fostering unsigned talent and building audiences for new left-field music.

The 8-track compilation, titled Future Bubblers 7.0, is a celebration of emerging artists from diverse genres, acting as a platform for musicians to launch their careers, providing exposure, development opportunities, and a cooperative model that ensures direct revenue sharing with the artists.

Opening the compilation is ROMY NOVA with the track "The Way," featuring hypnotic harmonies as Sheffield-born Jackie Moonbather follows with a Funk performance on "Separate Ways."

Ney Liqa introduces a blend of Trip-Hop and Swedish-Pop on "Blomster," taking on her experience with the Future Bubblers Ney Liqa said;

"It feels great to be a part of the compilation! I think every song on it is really special and different from each other. My song ‘Blomster’ literally wouldn’t have existed without me getting the opportunity!"

"The song itself was made by my friend Lukas that made this loop that I then found on my laptop whilst out in this cabin in the countryside. I then started thinking about friendships and how even when they fade I still want to see them succeed and bloom in their lives. The song doesn’t really have verses or a chorus and none of the parts repeat themselves because it was kind of written like a letter. I think it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written! Thank you future bubblers"

Progressing into "2 Many," the sound takes a drastic turn as Landel delivers an outstanding performance as he opens up on letting go of those things that no longer serve a purpose to yourself creating a reflective track. When asked about his time on Future Bubblers, Landel said;

"It feels great to be apart of the 7th annual compilation, it's an honour to be part of an album with such a variety of dope musicians and artists and part of such a great team as future bubbles and brownswood."

Followed by Petrelli Purple's "Brisk" exploring an ethereal "miscellaneous north" sound, as MARYSIA OSU presents "Stryder" with her "harps, beats, and dreams" ethos, the project heads to its final chapter. Closing up the project, Michael Diamond seamlessly navigates between jazz and electronic landscapes on "Aether," before COEX concludes the compilation with "Reflections."

Future Bubblers 7.0, available digitally and on vinyl, spans just under 35 minutes and showcases the exceptional talent of the featured artists. The compilation not only serves as a testament to the artists' creativity but also contributes to a sustainable income model that supports their future endeavours.

This release continues the tradition of Future Bubblers, providing a launchpad for the careers of emerging musicians.


Words by: Liam Tyler



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