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Alice Ivy
Australian artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Alice Ivy shares the video for her latest single, 'Broke My Heart,' featuring Jelani Blackman and Mallrat, offering a taste of Alice Ivy's upcoming third album.

'Broke My Heart' seamlessly blends elements of soul, electronica, and pop, creating a fresh and immersive sound. The unexpected yet perfectly matched collaboration with Jelani Blackman and Mallrat reflects Alice Ivy's world-class curatorial craft.

The accompanying video, directed by Alice Ivy, takes a unique approach to collaboration. Speaking about the video, Alice Ivy shares,

“The hardest part about collaborating with artists all over the world is that we’re rarely in the same place at the same time. I wanted Mallrat and Jelani Blackman to be in the music video for ‘Broke My Heart’ so badly, but between me working in the studio in Melbourne, Mallrat being a rockstar on tour in the States, and Jelani releasing his album in London, it didn't seem possible."

"Then I had a wild idea to send each of them an old school camcorder in the post with a scavenger-hunt style list of things that evoke being heartbroken. It's always the little things like going grocery shopping or making a cup of tea alone that really hit you in the feels, as well as the requisite wandering the streets, cuddling your fur babies and getting all introspective and moody on the piano or guitar."

Due to the artists being in different locations, Alice Ivy sent each of them an old-school camcorder with a scavenger-hunt-style list of things evoking heartbreak. The resulting footage captures Mallrat and Jelani Blackman's perspectives on heartbreak, making the video a fun and engaging visual experience. Jelani Blackman says,

“I’ve been into this tune from the second I heard it. It was so easy to write for because I fully get that feeling of heartbreak, because sometimes it’s unintentional and you still love the person. Me and Alice have been chatting for a while, it’s sick collaborating on something together and also with Mallrat, big fans of them both. Always cool to work with people in such diff places of the world than me, especially on a song I like so much."

Alice Ivy is set to captivate audiences worldwide with her unique musical style set to be showcased across her upcoming album.



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