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British rock sensation Yungblud is back with a bang, unleashing the visually stunning music video for his latest hit single, 'Lowlife'. Positioned as the harbinger of a new era, this track not only showcases his musical prowess but also immerses fans in a surreal journey through the gritty streets of Camden, London, alongside a younger version of the artist himself.

The video, envisioned by Yungblud during the songwriting process, takes inspiration from the likes of TV series Shameless and anarchic comedy film St Trinians, but with a psychedelic twist. It's a mesmerising blend of audacious visuals, dynamic storytelling, and unapologetic energy, embodying the essence of the artist's unique identity. In Yungblud's own words,

“I knew it had to be shot in Camden Town and I wanted to be walking side by side with my younger self, guiding him through a fucked up world based on real memories and people I have encountered in my life. Almost a message to myself saying that life doesn’t always have to be so deep and there is beauty to be found in chaos and opportunity in disaster."

The heart of the video lies in Yungblud's poignant message to his younger self, guiding him through a world of disorder, yet revealing the beauty in chaos and the possibilities that emerge from life's setbacks serving as a reminder that there is light to be found even in the darkest corners, and opportunity often arises from unexpected circumstances.

"Low Life" perfectly captures the essence of Yungblud - a charismatic maverick unafraid to embrace chaos and turn it into an unforgettable art form.

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