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Today is a special day for fans of US Hip-Hop, FADER Films have finally released their world-exclusive documentary on one of the biggest - and most controversial - artists of the 10’s, XXXTENTACION.

Directed by Sabah Folyan, “Look At Me: XXXTENTACION” is the first time footage is available for all of us outside of the US allowing us to have an indepth dive into the life of XXXTentacion aka Janesh Onfroy. Looking at his rise to fame, his interesting backstory, and coming-of-age, this documentary breaks down his life all before his tragic death at the young age of 20 when he was just about to hit his prime.

With his inner circle of friends and family speaking out for the first time, this movie focuses on giving an honest portrayal of the artist. Well known for his issues with mental health and controversial opinions, highlighting important questions on the effects of father figure absentee-ism, domestic abuse and womens’ rights, everything is touched upon leaving no leaf unturned.

Alongside the release of the movie is a never-before seen interview with XXX, “In His Own Words: XXXTENTACION”. Co-directed by Lesley Steele and Rob Stone, this interview provides us with a raw and open look into the mind of XXX. The interview sees the late artist give insight on topics that many artists choose not to explore in a public manner, ranging from how he views himself, to his place in the world and society as a whole.

A portion of all proceeds from the online release will be donated to grassroots organisation The National Alliance on Mental Illness as well as other charitable organisations focusing on mental health and community wellness. Look at Me was originally released in May 2022 in the US only. In His Own Words is never-before-seen footage from a 2017 interview with X and The FADER.

All of this was made possible with the support of Cleopatra Bernard, X's mother, and Solomon Sobande, manager of the estate.

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