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Kenyan-born, Los Angeles-based artist Xenia Manasseh unveils her poignant debut album 'Love/Hate Pt. 1,' exploring the complexities of love and human emotions through soulful music.

Built up of 11 tracks, this masterpiece invites listeners on a poignant journey through the complexities of love, featuring raw and introspective lyrics that resonate deeply with the human experience.

The album begins with 'GI's Intro,' a soft, soulful Swahili-sung introduction featuring Xenia and her grandfather, together, they harmonize and connect over a composition by Luka Tututu from the Coast Province, where Xenia's family hails from. This touching prelude sets the emotional tone for the rollercoaster ride of love that unfolds throughout the album.

As the album unfolds, Xenia takes her audience on a deep exploration of love's many facets. Tracks like 'Late Night Check Up,' featuring American-Nigerian rapper Shalom Dubas, delve into late-night introspections, while 'Southwards' explores daydreaming about a love interest who might not be the right fit.

Concluding with her latest single 'Love-Hate,' embracing the sober acceptance of letting go and choosing self-love, looking forward to a brighter future, this chapter of Xenia's Love/Hate career comes to an end leaving you wanting more and looking back on your life.

Reflecting on the album, Xenia shares;

"I hope that listeners take away that all this stuff is just human. I hope that people allow themselves to feel these things but also know that it's not the end all be all. Just know that love always comes around and it's how you approach it the second time that matters. Everything that you go through is there as a foundation that you learn from but also to not judge or criticise yourself for things that you did in the moment especially if you moved past it."

Check out the album below.

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