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Oscar #Worldpeace


Oscar #Worldpeace enlists Bawo on his new single ‘Gets Like Dat’, adding to their list of marvellous collaborations

Tottenham’s own, Oscar #Worldpeace has wasted no time in following up on October release ‘Never Know’. The artist seems to be in an excellent place right now, having spent some time away from the forefront. Recently his efforts have been focused on producing for other artists, such as BXKS, Oscar Jerome and El Londo, to name a few. He recently made his debut in Japan, playing shows in both Tokyo and Osaka. This, combined with his return to regular releasing, seems to show Oscar #Worldpeace re-energised and refocused on his solo endeavours.

This new single stands in defiance of life’s trials and tribulations. There are a lot of situations where this song’s sentiment is one of the only things that can be said. Put simply, sometimes it just ‘gets like dat’. Oscar and Bawo deliver this idea excellently. Verses are packed with braggadocio and self-reflection in equal measure, with the chorus providing the glue between them. It’s easy to imagine a crowd passionately singing along to the chorus, and being enamoured by the skill exhibited in the verses.

Lyrics such as, ‘I used to hate, my pops, until I became, my pops, just look at this face’ from Oscar #Worldpeace stick in the memory. The balance between meaningful lyrics and catchy, fun sections makes this song hugely enjoyable. Talking about his work with Bawo, Oscar expressed,

“There’s a great synergy between us whenever we collaborate, and this is another track to add to the collection!”.

If ever you see Oscar #Worldpeace and Bawo on a tune, you know you’re in for an excellent song, and ‘Gets Like Dat’ is no exception.

Production credit also goes to Oscar, alongside IGLU Noise. Between them, they pieced together reverberant keys, hefty drums and a window-rattling bass to great effect. Oscar has treated his fans to two outstanding singles in the last two months. Whatever he has planned next will undoubtedly be exciting, with Oscar #Worldpeace currently working at the highest levels.


Written by: Matt Sharp

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