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Following on from White Girl Wasted’s latest album, Sonnyjim & The Purist are back with the release of the artistic music video - shot by ABOVEGROUND - for the lead single ‘Barz Simpson’ featuring MF DOOM and Jay Electronica.

Featuring Leigh Gill as the lead protagonist and head honcho - known best for his outstanding roles within Joker, Fantastic Beats, and Games Of Thrones - the visuals follow him as he navigates the underworld of London alongside a cast of crooks and cronies. With a tongue-in-cheek appearance from The Purist and Sonnyjim, we see them strike a deal with Leigh.

‘Barz Simpson’ contains guest verses from two of rap’s most mythical and elusive characters; a testament to the respect and solid relationships both Sonnyjim and The Purist have garnered through their respective careers. Here, The Purist delivers a nostalgic, sample-driven beat where Sonnyjim opens with a verse full of tongue-twisting anecdotes, before handing the baton to the great MF DOOM to continue the song’s ebb and flow with his unmistakable gravel tone. Jay Electronica is third up to bat, opening with the line ‘I paint a picture like Salvador’, lending to the trippy nature of the track. He continues on to deliver a trademark verse, full of metaphor and spiritual musings.

ABOVEGROUND shared the following about the video:

“We tried to paint the narrative from a point of view of one person unintentionally representing all three artists throughout the song — one character with three different alter egos,” AboveGround tells The FADER. “We did it in a comical British setting with authentic characters and real places, which is part of the White Girl Wasted DNA. The entire piece was shot on a Bolex camera from 1935.”
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