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After a 3-year hiatus, LA-based duo WESLEE return with vibrant new single ‘Love You I Do’

WESLEE were formed after the pair met in a New York recording session and instantly felt a synergy in their creative aspirations. After amassing an organic cult following with a number of successful releases, the pair took some time to create. They now return with new track ‘Love You I Do’.

The single is a dusky, downtempo jam in which WESLEE takes the listener through a story of romance. The video, set to release October 18th, is a surreal and emotive animation. The two protagonists have their daily lives slowly interrupted by an invasion of insects. The style of animation creates a beautiful setting, with the tale of souring love depicted wonderfully.

Speaking on the track, and their upcoming music WESLEE explain;

“We’ve built out a series of immersive worlds, always expanding with more insights into us, our music and collaborators. The stuff that current socials and platforms just don’t give you enough of, it’s a community for our fans who truly care about the art and want to be a part of this journey.”

WESLEE are an act who clearly take great care in the making of their art, and this is easy to see in the outcomes. The pair appear to be at the beginning of a very successful return to releasing, with a lot more fantastic creations on the way.

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