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Weirdoe, once a prominent figure in freestyle circuits like SBTV, JDZ Media, and Don't Flop TV, has made his highly-anticipated comeback to the music scene with his latest single 'Business Man.'

As a seasoned wordsmith who has shared the stage with some of the country's finest MCs, Weirdoe's return is marked by a statement of intent and a reaffirmation of his skills as an artist.

Produced by Spookzville (known for his work with Big Narstie, Izzie Gibbs, and Wiley) and Weirdoe's longtime collaborator Harlz (associated with Blackstar and LiLikeISaid), 'Business Man' serves as a reintroduction to Weirdoe's loyal fanbase and a captivating introduction to new listeners. The track embodies the essence of Weirdoe's musical style and sets the tone for his exciting new journey. Sending a clear message that he is back and ready to reclaim his place in the music industry. 'Business Man' showcases his lyrical prowess and demonstrates the growth and refinement of his craft during his time away serving as a testament to his dedication and passion for creating captivating and thought-provoking music.

Now, Weirdoe is embarking on a fresh journey, bringing his distinct perspective and artistic vision to the forefront. Prepare to be captivated by Weirdoe's unique wordplay and infectious energy as this new chapter unfolds.

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