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Emerging sensation UPSAHL continues to captivate audiences with her latest musical endeavour, "THE PHX TAPES", as she unveils Volume Two, featuring two enthralling tracks: "WET WHITE TEE SHIRT" (A SIDE) and "SICK PRETTY MIND" (B SIDE). With her unique sound and genre-bending style, the talented singer-songwriter invites listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey.

"WET WHITE TEE SHIRT" (A SIDE), co-written with the esteemed Justin Tranter (renowned for his collaborations with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Måneskin) and produced by Rami Yacoub and Sly (notable collaborators of Max Martin), is a magnetic song that pulsates with a booming bassline, demanding to be cranked up to full volume. The track effortlessly blends the essence of '90s club culture with a contemporary twist, showcasing UPSAHL's ability to transcend eras. Coinciding with her unique SIDE A/SIDE B release format, "WET WHITE TEE SHIRT" (A SIDE) pays homage to the mixtape culture of the '90s while allowing UPSAHL to explore diverse facets of her genre-defying artistry. Accompanying the track is a playful and seductive lyric video, in which UPSAHL hosts a pool party complete with floaties, a kiddie pool, and, of course, a wet white tee shirt.

In "SICK PRETTY MIND," produced by Kill Dave, UPSAHL delivers haunting vocals over gritty instrumentals, resulting in a track that perfectly captures the essence of her enigmatic persona. With its twisted and dark yet undeniably captivating vibe, "SICK PRETTY MIND" exemplifies UPSAHL's talent for crafting emotionally charged music that resonates on a profound level with her listeners.

The SIDE A, SIDE B release format of "THE PHX TAPES" serves as a testament to UPSAHL's versatility and range as an artist. The first instalment, featuring "GOOD GIRL ERA," was an infectious anthem that humorously expressed UPSAHL's frustrations with societal expectations and the pressures of conformity. The accompanying animated video portrayed a whimsical battle between the two sides of UPSAHL. Furthermore, "CONDOMS" showcased a stripped-down melody that highlighted UPSAHL's vocal prowess while exploring themes of emotional vulnerability and self-discovery. The release of "THE PHX TAPES" garnered high praise from Ladygunn, who acclaimed UPSAHL as a talented artist making waves in the music industry with her catchy beats, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent.

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