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Pop iconoclast UPSAHL has officially announced her latest project, THE PHX TAPES, which consists of regular paired releases in the SIDE A/SIDE B format. The first volume of the PHX TAPES has been released, featuring two new songs, “GOOD GIRL ERA” (SIDE A) and “CONDOMS” (SIDE B).

The SIDE A/SIDE B release format pays homage to the 90s-era mixtapes and illustrates the duality of UPSAHL. “GOOD GIRL ERA” is an upbeat and infectious song that invites the listener to chant along as she voices her frustration with green juice, pilates, and trying to be "good." The accompanying video is a cartoonish, Jekyll and Hyde-esque battle between the two sides of UPSAHL.

Meanwhile, “CONDOMS” is a stripped-down melody that is emotional yet comical, putting UPSAHL's vocal prowess at the forefront as she sings about "burying her problems into no-name lovers." The official video featuring a gritty late-night trip to the convenience store will debut on Monday, May 1.

UPSALH shared that the mixtape curation process for the PHX TAPES was inspired by her sharing her songs with friends, which is similar to how mixtapes were passed around when she was growing up in Phoenix. Unlike her previous releases, there was no specific purpose during her writing process. She is experimenting with creating music without any boundaries, genres, or lines that she is too scared to cross.

UPSAHL's astrology-themed EP, Sagittarius, was released during the Sagittarius season, and each song on the project taps into a different trait intrinsic to the fire sign. The EP offers listeners an introspective glimpse into UPSAHL's dynamic personality and explores the multifaceted experience of being a Sagittarius.

Stay tuned for more releases from THE PHX TAPES.

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