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In the heart of South London, a rising rap sensation is turning gritty streets into musical poetry.

Twyce, a lyrical wordsmith with a fearless spirit, is continuing to take the UK rap scene by storm with his latest freestyle release, 'My Name's Twyce'. Backed by a stylish black and white video directed by Benji Beacham, the freestyle showcases Twyce's unique blend of playfulness and profound lyricism.

Using the backdrop of his neighbourhood, Twyce draws inspiration from London's harsh landscapes, transforming them into his creative muse resulting in a mesmerising masterpiece that captivates the ears and speaks to the soul. With a clear destination in mind, Twyce's journey is as determined as it is impressive.

Twyce's rise to prominence has been meteoric, thanks to his recent hits 'Prouda You' and 'Of Course', blending Garage and Drill production, his music is a captivating fusion of soundscapes that defy genre boundaries. But it's not just his production that sets him apart, with his incredible penmanship, punchlines, wordplay, and impeccable flow, Twyce is captivating listeners one by one creating a cult-like following.

Twyce's journey wasn't without its challenges. Despite facing obstacles during his secondary school years, he found solace in English classes, using language as a tool to elevate his music. At the local youth club, he honed his skills, viewing music as an escape from the urban chaos of London. But beyond his personal growth, Twyce's mission is clear: he aims to instil happiness and self-celebration in his listeners, fostering pride in individuality.

His melodic and gritty music is a testament to his fearless spirit. With every beat, Twyce redefines the boundaries of UK rap, shaping a new era of sonic exploration.

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