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A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged from the convergence of Baltimore's punk powerhouse, Turnstile, and Toronto's alt-jazz visionaries, BADBADNOTGOOD, The result is the captivating EP titled "New Heart Designs," where these two distinct musical entities converge to create something truly remarkable.

"New Heart Designs" is a three-song EP featuring reimagined versions of tracks from Turnstile's highly acclaimed 2021 album, "GLOW ON." The collaborative effort between these two exceptional groups breathes new life into tracks such as "MYSTERY," "ALIEN LOVE CALL" (featuring Blood Orange), and "UNDERWATER BOI." Through their creative synergy, the songs are transformed, offering listeners an innovative sonic experience that showcases their artistic chemistry.

Complementing the EP is a companion video, providing a visual dimension to the reworked tracks. The video, expertly filmed and edited by Alex Henery, adds an extra layer of depth to the collaborative musical journey undertaken by Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD.

Turnstile's album "GLOW ON," produced by Mike Elizondo and co-produced by vocalist Brendan Yates, earned widespread acclaim and secured a prominent place among the standout releases of 2021. The album's impact was further solidified by Turnstile's historic GRAMMY nominations, which included categories such as Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance for "HOLIDAY," and Best Metal Performance for "BLACKOUT."

"New Heart Designs" is a testament to the possibilities that arise when two remarkable musical forces join together, as they offer up a refreshing and imaginative take on Turnstile's music.

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