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Meron T, Kieron Boothe, and Nikhil Beats Unite in 'Play It Back Again' on the Journey to 'The Silhouettes Project Vol. 2

The Silhouettes Project emerged as a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and community, and this latest chapter in their journey unfolds with "Play It Back Again," serving as the sixth release from their highly anticipated second album, "The Silhouettes Project Vol. 2."

"Play It Back Again" is a track bursting with sultry guitar licks and jazz-infused percussion, meticulously crafted by South Asian heritage artist Nikhil Beats - known for working with Finn Foxell, muva of Earth, and Xadi. This musical canvas provides the perfect backdrop for Meron T to enchant listeners with her spellbinding vocals. Her emotive performance sets the stage, as she sings, "always wondering, how can we be friends? When you, did what you did," delving into the complexities of fading love, before Kieron Boothe then steps in. Bringing his distinctive flows and intricate wordplay to the mix, this collaboration elevates the trio's synergy to new heights, solidifying their position as a formidable force in the music scene.

Meron T shares her excitement about this single:

"This single was super exciting to make because it was the first track I’ve made with Kieron. After having known him for a while, it was sick to finally lock in and create some magic together. As I’ve already worked with Nikhil, and featured on his EP last year, I was confident in our working relationship. Being comfortable with both of them personally and artistically really allowed us to flow, and as a result, we unlocked some serious flavors."

Kieron Boothe adds his perspective:

"This was the first time I met Nikhil, and we seemed to gel instantly, resulting in a few studio sessions that have led to great music. I wanted to make something out of my comfort zone and a lot more fun than my previous material, and I’m proud and excited about this release on 'The Silhouettes Project Vol. II.'"

The essence of The Silhouettes Project is one of equality and longevity in collaboration and community. They are champions of live music, alternative hip-hop culture, industry opportunities, and resources, bringing these vital elements back to their community. This collective is quietly becoming one of the most significant projects in the UK, with no signs of slowing down.

As they continue to disrupt the traditional major label setup, they beckon new talent from across the city, creating a thriving ecosystem that celebrates the true spirit of collaboration and artistic freedom.

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