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Multi-platinum hip-hop sensation Trippie Redd, known for amassing over 30 billion streams, returns with his captivating new single "Took My Breath Away," featuring his girlfriend and singer Skye Morales.

Available now via 10K Projects, accompanied by a visually stunning official video directed by 88Rising and Loris Russier. Trippie Redd's latest release signals a return to the love-themed smooth hip-hop that initially propelled his career, hinting at more exciting music to come.*

"Took My Breath Away" marks the first-ever collaboration between Trippie Redd and Skye Morales as a couple, adding an extra layer of intimacy and chemistry to the track. The accompanying video, directed by 88Rising and Loris Russier, beautifully illustrates the love story depicted in the song, immersing viewers in a vibrant world of colours.

Recognized as one of Spotify's "Top 50 Most Streamed Rappers," Trippie Redd launches this new era of music by revisiting the soulful hip-hop style that garnered him a massive following. Starting with his debut mixtape "A Love Letter to You," the rapper has consistently delivered critically acclaimed projects centred around the theme of love.

"Took My Breath Away" further cements his reputation as a versatile artist with an uncanny ability to captivate listeners.

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