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Dublin-based rappers TraviS & Elzzz have dropped their 8-track mixtape, 'Full Circle', with Dublin beatmaker Liam Harris on production.

This project marks a defining moment for the Irish Rap scene as two of the most talked about rappers join forces to put the Irish rap scene into the mainstream with the release of this game-changing body of work. Opening up gates on what this duo can create. Offering an exclusive insight into the journeys so far personally and professionally. Breaking down the barriers set up by their peers and industry figures around them with the Irish scene. 'Full Circle' tells the tales of the underdog and embodies everything they stand for whilst creating space for those who follow.

TraviS & Elzzz started collaborating in lockdown in 2021 when they would freestyle back to back at the Trenches (an outdoor spot in Dublin) creating an appetite for them as a pair. Both Nigerian-born, TraviS moved to Ireland when he was six and Elzzz when he was fourteen and had the shared challenging experience of leaving their native.

Growing up on 50 Cent, Skepta, Section Boys, and Lil Wayne, whilst also having a love for afrobeat, their wide and broad influence can be heard throughout the project. Being fans of each other before working together, they have now created a brotherly bond where they thrive off each other energy with their contrasting flows, cadence, sense of humour, and energy.

This is a powerful duo that we need to be paying attention to.

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