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South London-based multi-talented artist Quinn Oulton is back with a captivating new release, '100 Degrees.'

Known for his unique fusion of electronic, indie, and jazz, Oulton has teamed up with renowned artist and songwriter Reuben James and producer Linden Jay for this soulful track marking the culmination of the 'All The Feels' Challenge that Oulton and James initiated on Instagram and TikTok last year.

Featuring an emotive, jazz-inflected neo-soul beat, it provides the perfect backdrop for Quinn to showcase his signature vocal manipulations and layer his dulcet, earthy sax tones. Reuben James takes centre stage with a flowing piano solo, adding to the song's depth and complexity. Lyrically, '100 Degrees' emphasizes the importance of slowing down and savouring life's fleeting moments, particularly during the summer. Quinn Oulton expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating,

"I loved the loop Reuben and Linden created for the 'All The Feels' challenge and experimented with trippy, hyper-affected yet sweet vocals. I also added a bassline that reimagined the piano's harmony. They loved it, and we decided to turn it into a full song. Nine months later, we finally found a free day to finish it off at Linden's studio!"

With an impressive track record and a distinct musical style, Quinn Oulton continues to captivate audiences and solidify his position as a boundary-pushing artist.

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