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London-based artists André, the Kid and w-lar have come together to release their collaborative album "BLOOM," which features the outstanding single "Ain't Ever" that announced the release of the project.

This collaboration follows their joint efforts on w-lar's self-produced EP "Overthinking" from a year ago, where they collaborated on the lead single "in my mind, it replays" and the closing track "overthinking (reprise)."

Their natural chemistry and the positive reception of their music, including radio play, inspired them to continue working together, transitioning from atmospheric and futuristic trap to a more soulful and impactful Alternative Hip-Hop sound.

"Ain’t Ever" revolves around the theme of moving on from a past relationship, the artists, influenced by Alternative Hip-Hop, envisioned themselves as a "UK NxWorries" duo for this collaboration. With André, the Kid taking control of the lyrics laying them over the beat, transitioning into a rap verse delivered in his natural accent. While w-lar takes the reins on production adding a prominent jazz composition as he blends hard-hitting instrumentals with smooth vocals, the authenticity of the track reflects the duo's genuine expression and creative partnership.

"BLOOM" is a must-listen project that showcases this duo's authenticity and creative flare.

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