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After re-emerging from hiatus with last month’s single, ‘Love You I Do’, WESLEE release new track ‘What It Feels Like.’

Luscious guitar and ethereal backing harmonies begin the track, with sounds of nature interspersed. One-half of the duo, Emma DD, arrives with vocals alongside the bassline, instantly capturing a depth of emotion. Layers are added to the production as the song continues, providing subtle intricacies. Lyrically, Emma DD plays the role of a reluctant romantic, detailing the more uncomfortable sensations experienced when falling in love. Speaking on the track, WESLEE explain:

“What It Feels Like is act two of the three acts. Love You I Do was looking back in retrospect and seeing the relationship for what it was, but What It Feels Like is just before. It’s the crush before you fall and hit the shitstorm. It’s that feeling when someone brings them up you smile, a schoolgirl crush – that’s what this song is about. It’s wishing those terrible feelings could go away, a crush is fun, but it’s also the worst.”

Continuing to expand upon the universe built in their previous release, the song is accompanied by an animated music video, provided by multidisciplinary artist Agnes Xantippa Boman. WESLEE are creating a sonic and visual world with ‘What It Feels Like’, along with their previous release. The pairs’ creativity is shining beautifully through their work.

It appears as if these creations are going to continue, with more releases in the pipeline. WESLEE are shining wonderfully with their releases in 2023 so far.

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