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Making waves in the scene with his latest release, Weirdoe ventures into new musical territory with the release of his second track from the upcoming EP 'BORN IN A BARN,' as he continues to mark his distinct and unrivalled sound on the UK scene.

'INSOMNIACS LULLABY' showcases Weirdoe's versatility and storytelling prowess as he delves into the realm of Alt-Rap as he departs from the signature Grime style he is well known for. With verses filled full of wit and humour, he leaves no room for compromise as we are taken on a journey that keeps them wide awake. Effortlessly adapting to a different, more haunting production style, while maintaining his unique delivery and captivating storytelling ability, Weirdo is constantly growing from strength to strength.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of his EP 'BORN IN A BARN,' Weirdoe continues to captivate listeners with his unique blend of humour, storytelling, and infectious energy. With a special headline show planned in his hometown on the release date, this ain't a night to miss.

Be prepared to stay wide awake and engaged with 'INSOMNIACS LULLABY,' as Weirdoe's artistic growth and willingness to explore new horizons take centre stage.

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