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Rising South London rapper Twyce is on a mission to leave his imprint on the rap scene with his latest release 'Attention (Freestyle)'.

Following on from his debut single 'Grinding', 'Attention (Freestyle)' emerges with warm strings with dely executed production - thanks to TK & Fred Irie - Tywce's emotive lyrics dominate and glide on top in a smooth and emotive fashion. Speaking on the making of the track, Twyce says:

“The track Attention was made through me first hearing the melody on the guitar, it sort of made me reminisce about past relationships with people and also how it affected me as a person. It also stems from my personal trauma beforehand which is why I felt like writing about the topic that I did. Itʼs basically about life & how people can switch up in the blink of an eye. I definitely think sharing with people the vulnerable side to yourself in your music makes them mess with you more because they feel like they actually know you”.

This Nigerian-born artist is one we all need to be locking into, with a passion to find his place in the industry from the age of 11 - it's only right that more people are finally seeing the talent within this young artist. Though in the early stages of his career, Twyce has plenty in store for 2023.

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