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Independent Irish Alt Hip-Hop due Tebi Rex (Matt Ó and Max Zange) are back showcasing their top form with their latest release 'IMTHEBEST'.

“It's a delusional song because we're delusional people. We're artists, that's how we're supposed to be….”

With deep and prominent themes of self-awareness and escapism laced throughout, the duo revel in the joy and comedy of what it actually means to be an artist in your twenties. The pair's romantic ineptitude, lack of artistic success and personal failings are laid bare for the audience to enjoy. Adding in hints of Indie, Noughties dance, and pop rap influences to their hip-hop roots, they're continuing to keep their sound fresh.

Coming as one of the most exciting acts coming out of Ireland, they're creating a stit not just at home but overseas in the US and the UK. With high-energy shows, playful visuals, and an engaging social presence, the duo have been able to curate a strong and loyal fan base.

With young and powerful duo's like this leading the way, it's safe to say the scene is in safe hands.

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