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British electronic-pop star Tiggi Hawke has released a lo-fi remix of her single 'OK' by Phonics is Flawed. The producer brings a new sound to the vibrant pop anthem with reverberated and natural ambient sounds.

Tiggi Hawke is set to release her much-anticipated debut album, 'Ascension,' in June. The album marks a brand-new era for the star, who has been coined 'Tiggi 2.0'. This new trajectory takes an exciting new direction, outlook, and style that embraces the truest, most unapologetic version of herself. Tiggi has been building up her works ahead of her upcoming album, expanding her themes to meld sad-girl pop with ethereal anthems, which create relatable electro-pop earworms.

Tiggi's passion for astronomy and the extra-terrestrial has consistently injected itself into her music. In November, she released 'V838', an audio-visual teaser for her debut album in collaboration with Oliver JT Dipre. The video boasts spectacular visual effects and styling, following on from the themes of Tiggi’s June single 'Giants'. The video has already won multiple awards including Best Visual Effects and Best Sci-Fi at the Shanghai Indie International Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the Korea International Short Film Festival.

Tiggi has received accolades from leading tastemakers including CLASH, Popjustice, NOTION, and Wonderland Magazine. Her works have been supported by Radio 1’s Future Pop, and she has amassed over 50 million streams on DSPs. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of 'Ascension' as Tiggi Hawke takes her music in a bold new direction.

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