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The Shellers
The Shellers continue to captivate with their brooding, dub-infused single '10 Minutes,' showcasing their musical prowess and emotional depth.

UK-based duo The Shellers are back with their latest single, '10 Minutes,' building on the intriguing foundations set by their debut track, 'Work No More.' Featuring an atmospheric soundscape crafted by Toddla T, with co-production contributions from Lawaun Bernard, the haunting instrumentation serves as a poignant backdrop for the song's emotional exploration.

Diving head first into the intricacies of a relationship at a crossroads. the lyrics depict the challenges and complexities of a situation where both parties might be better off going their separate ways. Despite this, they choose to stay entwined in each other's lives, causing both love and torment. Displaying the duo's musical prowess, with elements like rolling steel pans and horn lines adding depth to the song's ebb and flow, the duo take it to new heights in its final act as the song erupts into a percussive frenzy of breaks and vocal chops, revealing The Shellers' versatility, equally comfortable in the club or on the night bus home.

Speaking about the song, Jamal explains,

"The song talks from the perspective of being in the middle of an argument. We are all guilty of thinking we are in the right and the other person is in the wrong when we argue, unable to see the forest from the trees." He goes on to highlight the contradictory nature of lovers' quarrels, stating, "The line 'Kill me 10 minutes at a time, as long as it is you I don’t mind' symbolizes the moment you step back and realize that despite the heated arguments, in the grand scheme of things, you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. Trials and tribulations come with life, and arguments happen to the best of us."

With their talent and musical diversity, The Shellers are poised for a compelling musical journey ahead.

Check out the single below.

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