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East London-based artist and creative, Taloula, showcases her self-enlightened approach in her latest funk-infused offering, "DANGER," serving as a little insight into her highly anticipated debut album.

Taloula skillfully explores nostalgic elements of R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop, displaying a rare vocal poise and exuding high-grade attitude and playful psychedelia in her latest track. Floating atop spacey synths and rolling basslines, "DANGER" takes listeners on a journey through brassy jazz breaks. The track, self-produced by Taloula with silky trumpet touches from Jackson Mathod - known for his work with Stormzy and Jordan Rakei - demands everyone's attention and further amplifies the growing hype surrounding this exciting multi-talented artist.

Celebrating self-realization and exploration, Taloula's glossy vocal layering dissolves into airy breakbeats, creating pockets for her to fill with wisdom and a refreshingly classy sonic aesthetic. Her ability to maintain poise while communicating the unnerving journey of vulnerability aims to inspire a new wave of free-thinkers, solidifying the exceptional quality displayed in her music.

Reflecting on the record, Taloula shares;

"'DANGER' is about encouraging and celebrating the power that we all have within us. I used to live through the opinions of others, never listening to my inner voice due to fear and lack of confidence. It has been a long journey to understand that I have a voice, that I am allowed to have my own opinions. Now I can embrace fear with wisdom and enlighten my inner self with confidence and playfulness."

With more releases promised throughout the year leading up to her forthcoming album, "DANGER" sets the stage for Taloula to make a significant impact in the London R&B landscape.

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