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Sunny Reyne

Melbourne-raised, London-based alt-soul artist Sunny Reyne is back with her first offering of 2023, the soulful and meditative single "Find A Way," marking the beginning of a new era for the talented artist.

From the very first seconds of "Find A Way," it's evident that Sunny Reyne's deeply soulful sound has evolved. Featuring a meditative looped bass line and an urgent groove, accompanied by atmospheric vibraphones that beautifully complement Sunny's warm and soulful vocals, the track revolves around the theme of meditation, urging listeners to let go of anger and frustration with blues-tinged vocal lines.

The single is a result of Sunny's fruitful working relationship with producer Lewis Moody - 30/70, B-ahwe - who expertly crafts a sound world that perfectly complements Sunny's soulful songwriting. Speaking about the creative process behind "Find A Way," Sunny reveals,

"The repetitive bass line is my way of giving it an almost hypnotic element that leans into the meditative nature of the lyrics, that then reaches a peak at the bridge and then comes back in full force to finish it off."

'Find A Way' is an authentic continuation of Sunny Reyne's musical journey, marking the start of a new chapter and hinting at more exciting work to come.

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