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Skin On Skin follows up on the huge success of ‘Burn Dem Bridges’, with a remix from jungle sensation Nia Archives.

Skin On Skin is an Australian/South Sudanese techno producer and DJ, who has been steadily cementing his name as one of the most exciting talents in dance music. His sound has been defined by experimentation across techno, house and hip-hop. With his biggest track to date, ‘Burn Dem Bridges’, sampling drill duo Sav’o and Horrid1’s ‘Violent Siblings’. The fusion of drill and techno in this way was met with a highly positive reaction from listeners. ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ first made its arrival during Skin on Skin’s Boiler Room x AVA Festival set in Belfast, with the crowd immediately captivated. What Skin On Skin has created here should have its importance recognised, as there is very little else like it that exists. This is reflected in it quickly racking up almost 6 million streams on Spotify alone.

With its popularity rapidly growing, ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ received a further boost in support through Nia Archives. Nia has been moving in leaps and bounds this year, quickly emerging as one of the UK’s most promising young talents. Evidence of this can be seen from her nomination for the 2023 BRITs Rising Star award, as well as her victory at the MOBOs for ‘Best Electronic/Dance Act’. After a steady stream of successful releases in 2022, Nia performed her first Boiler Room set in October in London. It was here fans were first treated to her remix of ‘Burn Dem Bridges’. Nia dropped the track to a fantastic response, both in the room, and online, where she posted a TikTok of the electric moment. It was from this day that hype for the track’s official release began to build.

With the remix releasing on December 9th, listeners were treated to a high energy, jungle-infused take on Skin On Skin’s tune. Nia delivered everything that could be hoped for with this remix. Quick-fire drums bounce through the track, compelling the listener to wish nothing more than to be in the midst of a rave. This remix will undoubtedly continue to be adored when played in events. Nia’s version will certainly help increase the reach and momentum of ‘Burn Dem Bridges’.

Skin On Skin’s creation of ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ has the potential to be a defining moment, both for the artists musical progression, as well as for the genres he is exploring. Nia Archives has offered her hand to add to her run of excellent releases, helping to propel it even further. The combination of Skin On Skin and Nia Archives has proven itself highly successful. Any further collaboration between the two would be highly welcomed, with the ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ remix showcasing the ability of two rapidly rising talents within dance music.

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